Have you ever embarked on a kitchen design and remodeling project which seemed to be something you THOUGHT you could handle, but once you got into it you sensed you were into something you really knew you had no business completing on your own? This happened to my husband and me as we were determined to install new tile in our home. We bought the tile, the tools, the grout, made sure there was chalk in our chalk line tool….you get the picture. We were all set. We fearlessly placed the bag of grout on the floor ready to cut it open and start this project we had never done before. Upon reading over the instructions on the bag we slowly turned to one another and wholeheartedly agreed, “This is above our experience level.” It was then we stopped and called a professional.
I’ll never forget how amazed my husband was upon watching the professionals begin the project. There were obvious tasks they were doing which we would have NEVER, no matter how many YouTube videos we watched, come up with on our own. We lacked the necessary experience which would have also given us the necessary wisdom to know what the professionals knew. Those guys started at one end of our house and the other at the same time and met in the middle!Just because we CAN do a job doesn’t mean we SHOULD. We have all heard that before. The same can be said about Kitchen designing. Yes, you cook. Yes, you know what you like and don’t like. With all the technological sources at our fingertips and do-it-yourself shows, we may even have enough confidence to believe we can do the job ourselves. However, knowledge does not guarantee wisdom. The kitchen is a very large investment in a home. With careful planning, you can make some very sound decisions and add some value to your home. Half the battle in accomplishing any project is knowing the resources currently available on the market today. Unless this is your full-time job it will be an extreme challenge to stay on top of what is currently available on the market not to mention a sound design choice. This is when it becomes clear; it is time to hire a professional. If you don’t work with me at least consider another professional to help you remodel your existing or plan your new kitchen. You will not regret the choice.

Whether you need an interior designer for an hour, have a whole house to remodel, or new construction, we can work at the level your project requires. With a degree in Interior Design from the University of Texas at Austin, Cammy Oney will work with your contractor or hers to plan your space, draft construction plans, design flooring layouts and remaining selections, including consulting on the smallest of details.

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