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You certainly want someone who knows about kitchen design and invests in gaining expertise in appliances, cabinetry, and all other components needed to complete a kitchen.
As a bonus, this designer also cooks… often. It’s good to know your way around a kitchen so you can relate to your clients’ goals for their kitchen.

Bathroom remodeling is fun as long as you do the planning first. It is easy to be taken in by the pretty new faucets, light fixtures, counter tops, and tile. Once you have made your selections, it is time to cultivate the plan. We have to see how everything fits together. Someone has to decide how the tile will be installed and communicate clearly the tile design to the contractor/installer.

Each client is unique. Rarely does “one size fits all” work. We listen very closely to the specific needs and wants of each client. It is vital to fully interpret what is important to each person.
Our most important  goal is to create spaces unique to the personalities and styles of our clients and to walk away happy knowing they love what we have created together.


An initial consultation will be scheduled. This appointment is designed to introduce ourselves and make sure we are a good fit for each other. Here we will discuss the important goals for your project as well as allow you a chance to display your current style and taste. Being at your house is a good opportunity for you to reveal the items which you choose to surround yourself. This may be through the art you have chosen, key furniture pieces you love, or even the clothes you wear. Problems won’t be solved at this first appointment, but we will map out a plan to move forward in the process of remodeling your space.


Once we are in agreement, which will be well defined in a contract, the idea and concept phase of the project is initiated. Field measurements and photos will be taken as well as extensive notes made of the existing space. These measurements, photos, and notes are carefully transferred to either sketches or CAD drawings depending on the size and complexity of the project. For a design requiring the CAD drawings additional time is needed to edit and firm up the drawings which serve as a useful communication tool between the homeowner, designer, and contractor.


Once the drawings are complete we can then focus on the finishes and create a space worthy of your investment and dreams. We will make selections of every single item needed for your project. Part of this process is accomplished through a field trip to various showrooms where the latest options are at your fingertips and options wider than typical shopping experiences. It is one thing to locate the tile, for instance, but how to install it is a major decision. Tile designs then need to be carefully communicated in preparation for the installers to complete it. The contractor needs to know not just the “what” but also the “how” of every selection.


Every selection is made and well documented pictorially and through text. The contractor is better able to execute the project as you anticipate. Through the extremely detailed process, you are free to go about your business and NOT feel you have to be at the job site answering questions at every turn because those decisions have already been well documented. Products can be ordered prior to the start of demolition so your downtime is greatly reduced. The homeowner and contractor can expect frequent job site visits from your designer throughout the project answering questions and helping ensure high-quality installation.

"This entire process has been fabulous! And I just love, love, love my new cabinets. I sing your praises to anyone I talk to about this project!"
- Mona, Customer
" The high gloss on the master bath cabinets makes them stand out like a sculpture or piece of art- they make the room."
- Sharon, Customer