What can Cammy Oney do for you?

Whether you need an interior designer in Austin, Texas for an hour, you have a whole house remodel, or new construction, Cammy is able to work at the level your project requires. With a degree in Interior Design from the University of Texas at Austin, she can work with your contractor or hers, space plan, draft plans, design flooring and shower options, offer products at contractor pricing, repurpose and refinish furniture, custom design wall finishes, and consult for color. For interior design services not only in the Austin area but anywhere a plane would carry her, give Cammy a call.

So many people ask me, “Where did you get the name for your business? ”Rey is my middle name, and well, it’s just ME! My work will definitely reflect a part of me in some way while being careful to include my clients’ goals. I do nothing half-heartedly. For my first job, I was a lifeguard. Freshly 15 years old I was honored to be hired that summer. Then it hit me…. "I bet it is going to be a bit of a challenge to get my life-saving certificate since I really don’t know how to swim. " That didn’t stop me. At the lifesaving class, I quickly assessed how everyone else there at the pool was swimming and gave it a try. It really was “sink or swim!” The instructor was on to me though as she didn’t give me an ounce of encouragement. The final test at the end of the week was saving her large, flailing frame in the deep end. As I man-handled her with complete textbook accuracy and drug her limp body out of the water she said, almost breathlessly, “I didn’t think you could do it, but you did the best job of all the candidates!” I got my certificate and my whistle! I often look back on that early life challenge and apply the same tenacious drive toward finding solutions in other areas of what I do. With a degree in Interior Design from The University of Texas and over two decades of experience, I am well equipped to find solutions for your kitchen, bathroom, private spaces, guest rooms, closets, or any other space needing a special touch. Please know I will seek a solution which will leave you breathless. Let’s get creative!

"This entire process has been fabulous! And I just love, love, love my new cabinets. I sing your praises to anyone I talk to about this project!"
- Mona, Customer
" The high gloss on the master bath cabinets makes them stand out like a sculpture or piece of art- they make the room."
- Sharon, Customer

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